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    BPEX Couriers travel worldwide to ensure the safe and secure
    transfer of diplomatic pouches containing classified and sensitive materials.

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    If you ever think of getting it right, to the right place, at the right time
    then you should think BPEX, we always get it right.

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    Seamlessly transfer your sensitive government documents via our reliable and secure couriers.

A Brief History about us.

Brits Premier Express safeguards and escorts diplomatic pouches containing classified and sensitive materials between 275 U.N diplomatic missions overseas and the U.S. Department of State. We provide the perfect communication at all times. Our service is founded on the commitment, dedication and professionalism, and we keep to all standards of quality.

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Our Services

We have a wide experience in courier and logistics services.
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    World Wide

    We are not limited, our officials go beyond boarders.

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    We have a wide range of secure shipping containers at our beck & call.

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    Local Cargo

    Our officials travel within states with your local cargo.

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    Air Freight

    With our air freight there's no limit to were we can reach.

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    Ware Houses

    Our warehouses are all well secure and locations hidden from the public.

BPEX-Brits Premier Express

The Right Way or No Way

We are a market leader in freight forwarding, supply chain solutions that can optimize the effectiveness of your product promotion, and reduce the cost of your packaging and distribution.

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Seven days a week, 365 days a year our support team are always available to give you the best ofour services.

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Quick feedbacks on your request or questions.

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Active Officials

Our officials are always active and are ready to be deployed.

Track & Trace

End to end track and trace secure system. No one can see your location.

Since We Started

Our diplomatic courier are United Nations government official who are trained and credentialed by the Secretary of United Nations to accompany classified materials across international borders. The Diplomatic Security Service has approximately 100 diplomatic couriers who ensure secure delivery of classified and sensitive materials between United Nations consulates and embassies and the State Department.



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With our special operatives in control your pouches are safe, we can provide you with a customized solution tailored to your needs, anyday anytime

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